Hybrid Denture Repair

If you have lost most or all of your original adult teeth, if you currently wear partial or full removable dentures and are tired of the associated daily struggles, discomforts and expenses, if you have a failing dentition as a result of advanced periodontal (gum) disease, or if you have been told by your dentist that you are not a candidate for dental implants because you have lost too much bone volume in your jaw, then the hybrid dentures may very well be the treatment for you.

What is the Hybrid Denture?

The hybrid denture is a revolutionary dental implant protocol that has been specifically designed to provide edentulous (not having any original adult teeth) and near-edentulous patients, or those suffering with a failing dentition, with new, non-removable teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from a natural set of teeth. The hybrid denture is regarded as a “breakthrough” in the field of dental implantology owing to the unprecedented treatment time of giving people new non-removable teeth in just one visit (in most cases), its ability to treat patients presenting with advanced bone loss in the jaw and its propensity for avoiding the need for bone grafting surgery.

hybrid denture repair

Hybrid Denture Implant Repairs

Dental implants are not only used to replace single missing teeth. Dental implants provide a fixed and permanent base, onto which your hybrid dentures can be securely fitted.

Having dental implant surgery is a simple but lengthy process, which is used to replace missing or damaged teeth. The surgery involves your dentist drilling small holes into your jawbone into which they place the dental implants. These implants are then left to fuse with the bone, to form a strong base for your replacement teeth. Dental implants last a great deal longer than other restorative methods such as dentures and bridges, because they not only replace the missing tooth, but also the missing root. However, there is a risk of implant failing or loose screws. Fortunately, hybrid denture implants can be repaired. And, our Dental Lab 870 is the best dental lab in Port Orange and Daytona Beach for any kind of hybrid denture implant repairs. If you need your hybrid dentures repaired contact us today.

Kinds of Denture Repair Services

There are several different kinds of denture repair services that may be needed to get your broken hybrid dentures in working condition again. Some kinds of denture services are Broken Dentures, Cracked Dentures, Hybrid Denture Implant Repairs, replacing Denture Teeth, putting back a loose Denture Tooth, and the fixing of Worn Dentures.

Broken Hybrid Dentures Repair

Because hybrid dentures are made of high quality materials it is very seldom that hybrid dentures brake, but it happens. When the broken dentures pieces are put together, they must connect together very closely. That is if the pieces can connect together almost exactly, your hybrid dentures are repairable. But if there are large pieces of plastic missing, there may be a problem on how to make sure the pieces are back together is the correct way. When large pieces are missing in broken dentures, an impression may be needed for the dentist as a guide to show exactly how the denture should be put back together.

Cracked Hybrid Dentures Repair

The repair process for cracked dentures or broken dentures are the same, and the cost to repair cracked dentures also may be the same. Most of the time, before cracked hybrid dentures can be mended with the denture repair material, the crack must be widened first before the denture repair material is added to the denture. Widening the cracked dentures area will make the cracked denture repair more durable.

Replacing Hybrid Denture Teeth

Replacing missing hybrid denture teeth with new denture teeth can also make the denture not fit properly. If the missing denture tooth is between or next to an existing denture tooth, the replaced denture tooth can be matched against the existing denture structure so that the new replaced denture tooth will be the same height as of the other existing denture teeth. But, if there is a denture tooth that is lost and it is not next to any existing denture teeth, the repair may be complicated because there is no guide to use to make sure the new denture tooth that is put in place of the lost denture tooth will fit in the customers mouth properly. If there is a denture tooth that needs to be replaced, the denture may need an impression to be sent along with the denture that will be used as a guide when putting back a new denture tooth on the denture.