Denture Repair Dentist

Most dentists these days do not repair dentures. Dentists will first inspect dentures physically, that is they will want to make sure there is nothing wrong with the dentures that need a denture repair. Some folks have the belief that dentists just want to sell new dentures, but what most folks do not realize is dentists use their best judgement to protect others from harming their mouths.

denture repair dentist

Dentures Dentist Repair

Dentists who examine dentures can find potential threats that could seriously injure the mouth permanently. Some folks do not realize that continued use of ill-fitting dentures can lead to all sorts of problems. A loose denture can wear down the gum tissue.

A denture that shows signs of wear on one side more than the other might mean the denture is not fitted right or something else has changed.

Regular Dental Appointments

Folks with dentures should see a dentist on a regular basis, as the mouth does change with the denture in place. Many with natural teeth see a dentist on a routine basis for cleanings and to make sure their mouths are healthy.

Dentists are in place to protect the health of the mouth as much as possible, and will or advise different strategies to keep the mouth as healthy as possible.

Denture Repair Lab

In most cases, dental labs that offer denture repairs have to have a dentist or dentists that physically examine each broken denture before it is repaired. After the dentures dentist examines the denture, they will usually write a denture repair prescription for someone other than themselves to repair a denture.

A denture repair can not take place unless it is accompanied by a dentists denture repair prescription. Those businesses who are operating without involving a dentist to examine dentures may not be operating their business correctly as required by their state. Denture lab can not repair dentures unless the broken denture is accompanied with a dentists denture repair prescription.

The prescription gives the authority for denture labs or anyone to fix a denture under the prescribed recommendations from that dentist who wrote the denture repair prescription.

Denture Repair Materials

There are no right or wrong rules on what kinds of denture repair materials professional denture repair lab can use to fix your dentures, and may defer. Fixed hybrid denture repairs are slightly different than traditional removable dentures.

Some may use cheap low cost materials to be able to present to you bargain priced denture repairs. Others may use premium quality denture repair material their denture repair prices are much higher. Some may use a combination of solutions such as having a dentist to examine broken dentures before it is repaired, and using good repair materials. The bottom line is there are weak and very good denture repair materials.

Denture Repair Cost

Dental labs that have dentists physically involved with denture repairs know the difference between quality and poor quality work. Places that offer walk-in denture repairs have an average cost for a denture tooth repair of a little over one hundred dollars. Mail order would be substantionally less because there would be less overhead such as having a waiting place, dental equipment, rent, or insurance to protect their visitors.

Cheap Dentures Plastic

Clearly it is understandable that most folks want to save money any way possible, but at what cost. A denture is a very useful tool that let’s you eat.

Why would anyone want to get the cheapest denture repair if there is a good chance the repair is of low quality?

Ask for the Dentists Name

Always ask for the dentist name who will inspect your dentures. Quality should not be sacraficed if the denture wearer wants to wear their denture as long as possible.

Folks that want cheap solutions, might be better off at getting a over the counter denture repair kit. This is because based on opinion, the lower the cost of the repair, the higher chance the repair uses low quality materials.

To clarify quality with any business, make sure there are dentists who physically examine your broken dentures before they are repaired. Get the dentists names and keep them on your personal record file for future use about your denture repair.